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Zycolchin 0.5 mg Tablet


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About Zycolchin 0.5 mg

With the help of Zycolchin 0.5 mg medicine, we can treat and prevent gout and other disorders.

An important goal of this medication is to reduce discomforts like swelling and excess pain that are related to gout. 

You need to consult a doctor before using this medicine. If you wish to receive maximum benefits from this medication, you should continue taking it continuously.

Gout, for example, maybe worsened by abruptly stopping this medication.


Why Zycolchin 0.5 mg is used?

Anti-gout properties make this medication famous. The understanding is a more accurate representation of whereby this medication is used:

  • An acute case of gout
  • Gout, which is a type of arthritis, can be treated by Zycolchin 0.5 mg Tablet. An excessive amount of pain in the joints is associated with this disease.
  • This may also cause bone and node pain. Such people may benefit from Zycolchin 0.5mg.
  • A relationship account of Mediterranean Fever
  • For Familial Mediterranean Fever, Zycolchin 0.5 mg Tablet can be taken. The majority of cases of this medical condition are hereditary in nature. Patients suffering from this illness experience frequent fevers, pains, inflammations, and chest, abdominal, and back pain.


How Does Zycolchin 0.5 mg Works And Its Effect?

As a medical condition such as arthritis is associated with anti-inflammatory properties of Zycolchin 0.5mg tablets, these tablets are sometimes used.

This mechanism stops primary inflammation by assembling microtubules that stop cells from chemotactically spreading. 

It is used primarily for treating gout. Overproduction of uric acid in the body causes gout. A bad environment damages joints and causes them to swell.

In combination with colchicine, this medication helps in reducing swelling to a great extent. The pain reliever can also reduce joint and tissue soreness to a remarkable extent.


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Also, The medicines HCQS 400 and HCQS 200 are used to treat Arthritis.



Only a doctor should prescribe Zycolchin 0.5mg. Dosage should never be messed up for personal reasons.

Missed Dose

When you remember to take a missed dose, you can do so. In case, it is adjacent to a different treatment time, leap it. A second tablet would be taken back to back otherwise. Keep a record during your intake of the remedy.


Do not exceed the dosage suggested by the manufacturer. Uncertainty in speech, drowsiness, and headaches may result from higher dosages than needed.


Intake Process

The doctor should prescribe Zycolchin 0.5mg. It is up to the expert to discover the dosage for individual patients. Make certain the pill is not divulged or diced up.

To swallow it whole, it must not be broken. Pre or post-food consumption, you can take it. If the medications are taken regularly, however, they work best.



These medications need to be taken with caution:

Anxiety during pregnancy

Pregnant ladies should not exercise this remedy. Pregnant women should consult an expert before consuming.


Breast milk may contain 0.5 mg of Zycolchin. The medicine may as well enter the baby’s body as a result. Hence, these conditions should not be treated with medication. For such matters, you should consult a professional.

Toxicity to the sensitive system

Elderly citizens, especially those with rhabdomyolysis or neuromuscular toxicity, may not be suited to this medication.

It is always best to start with small doses and then increase them if required. When it is discontinued, most of these symptoms subside.

Fatal Overdose

If you necessitate higher than the designated application of this medication, you could weaken. Keep it away from pets and kids.

Electrolyte Disturbances

Due to its electrolyte imbalance, this medication can cause extreme vomiting in some individuals. When using this prescription, always check the level of the electrolyte.



Generally, Zycolchin 0.5mg does not cause any side effects. One may encounter the following side effects:


  • Intestinal diarrhea
  • Throwing up
  • An outbreak of rashes
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Diarrhea 
  •  Fieber with chills
  • An alopecia
  • Hepatitis
  • The hands are numb
  • Weakness of the muscles



  1. What other drugs will affect Zycolchin 0.5 mg?
  • The results of various medicines differ from body to body. Several drugs can interact with one another:
  • Metronidazole
  • Torevastatin
  • Agents antifungal that is an azole

Other medications that are susceptible to react with Zycolchin 0.5 mg are:

  1. Clarithromycin
  2. Itraconazole
  3. Erythromycin
  4. Voriconazole
  5. Diltiazem
  6. Ketoconazole
  7. verapamil

Using these medications along with Zycolchin 0.5 mg can induce colchicine abundance in the body.

Thus, causing some kind of toxicity in the body. Hence, avoiding these medications is better.

  • Using medications that reduce stomach acidity can also increase the level of colchicine in the body. Hence, it would be better to take care of such things.
  • Parallel use of medications that cure heart issues can also lead to issues. Medication that effectively reduces blood fats may not be the best buddies to take along with Zycolchin 0.5 mg.
  • In case you are using any herbal remedy mention it to your concerned doctor. Any kind of unknown supplement can interact with Zycolchin 0.5 mg thus enhancing the outcomes of synergies. Thus, inviting various kinds of effects.
  1. What happens if I overdose?
  • Overdosing on Zycolchin 0.5 mg is not at all a good sign. It can result in various issues. Thus, never take an increased dosage of Zycolchin 0.5 mg.
  1. What happens if we miss a dose?
  • In case of a missing dosage of Zycolchin 0.5 mg, you would jeopardize the good effects. To keep up with the good effects, it is necessary to take a continuous dosage of Zycolchin 0.5 mg.
  1. When to see Doctor?
  • You can see the doctor as soon as your side effects are too much. Or your condition is deteriorating instead of taking precautions.



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Zydus Cadila Pharma


10 Tablet In 1 Strip



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