Stablon Generic tianeptine is a medicine for depressive disorder

Stablon is an antidepressant medication, consisting of Tianeptine, used to treat people suffering from depressive disorders as mood or panic disorder, dysthmia [adjustment disorder], post-traumatic stress disorder [PTSD], or major depression. Stablon is a pain-reliever as well, isnt as addictive as mu-selective opioids, and doesnt sedate. It doubles up as a fast-acting bronchodilator the ideal choice for alcoholic asthmatics undergoing depression, as it makes the patients feel well without making them feel intoxicated or leaving a hangover that accompanies alcohol.

Stablon for stability: Stablon containing Tianeptine, is beneficial in treating the entire range of depressive illnesses afflicting people. Serotonin, a neurotransmitter, is believed to control moods, sleeping pattern and body temperature, and works by transporting signals from one nerve cell to another, but when it gets re-attached to the parent nerve, it upsets the chemical balance in the brain. Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors [SSRIs] inhibit the work of serotonin, by not letting it get re-attached to its parent nerve, thereby correcting the chemical imbalance in the brain. Tianeptine is a selective serotonin reuptake accelerator yet, surprisingly, it does not have an adverse impact on the brain; in ways not understood by scientists, it works towards maintaining the brains chemical balance! It is used to treat severe or chronic depression, dysthmia [adjustment disorder], mood or panic disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder [PTSD].

For those considering treatment with Stablon, it is essential to give your complete medical history to your psychiatrist/treating doctor, informing the physician of all the medicines being taken by you [including OTC, prescription, nutritional supplements, herbal products], and any known allergies, so that your doctor can work out the correct dose regimen for you. The physician should know if you are an alcoholic, suffer from a kidney ailment or have asthma.

Should you have to undergo a surgery, you must inform the surgeon/doctor that you are taking this medicine, as soon as surgery is recommended. Treatment with Stablon has to be suspended normally at least 24-48 hours before a surgical procedure takes place; emergency operations can take place under vigilant operative supervision. If the medicine is suspended because of a surgery, for re-starting the dose, you must consult your physician.

Stablon [Generic Tianeptine] is an oral medication, taken usually 3 times in a day. The medicine is quickly absorbed, and as quickly eliminated by the body, so to derive full benefit from the medication, you have to stick to the dose regimen. A missed dose can be taken if you remember an hour or two later, but not otherwise. Doses must never be doubled, so take Stablon exactly as advised by your psychiatrist/physician.

All medicines have some side effects; if you take Stablon, you might experience mild dizziness, headache, abdominal pain, constipation, nausea, or vivid and complicated dreams. If these symptoms persist, or become worse, or any other unusual symptoms occur including chest pain, difficulty in breathing, insomnia, decreased sense of libido, asthenia [loss of strength], trembling, fainting, myalgia [muscular pain], or anorexia [prolonged loss of appetite], then you have to stop taking the medicine and immediately contact your treating doctor, or the emergency room. Stablon is known to have the least number of side-effects amongst antidepressants.

This medicine cannot be taken alongside MAO inhibitors, neither does it work well if combined with other anti-depressants, Saliclyic acid [especially at high plasma concentrations], or SSRIs like Prozac. It is well-tolerated by everyone especially the geriatric population and very effective for those who suffer from memory problems.

Stablon should be properly capped, and stored at room temperature away from heat and dampness, out of reach of children and pets. Any medicine that has passed the expiry date or is no longer being used should be properly discarded. Stablon is not recommended for children below 15. Pregnant or lactating women, or those considering pregnancy, must consult their gynaecologist/psychiatrist before starting treatment with Stablon. Dont stop taking the medicine on your own and dont share it with anyone else. Though this is a non-sedating medicine, you may check with your physician whether you should drive or operate machinery while on Tianeptine.

Tianeptine has an extremely calming effect by reducing irritability and impulsiveness; though it functions similarly to mu-opioids, it does not lend to aggressive behavior in individuals. While curing psychological disorders, SSRIs are known to dampen libido, but Stablon [Tianeptine] is different it is known to have saved families and friendships from disintegrating, and prevented many-a-marriage from going-on-the-rocks.

Difficult Plight against Counterfeit Medicines

While medicine counterfeiting is fast becoming a lucrative business across the globe, international investigations are being conducted to one of the leading non-profit organizations campaigning against the proliferation of counterfeit medicines in the Asia-Pacific due to allegations of money laundering and corruption. How ironic it is to find one of the activists of illegal activities being questioned for their own legitimacy.

It is highly understandable that an international organization operated by private institutions and highly acclaimed individuals are being doubted of their reputation. After all, large companies are not without scandals. Unfortunately, with the complaints and accusations The Peterson Group is receiving and the length of suspension being imposed, more and more criminals are let loose and humanitarian projects being delayed.

How challenging should the fight be against counterfeit medicines? Once it was the criminals that the organization is fighting against. Why should the law now join the fray? Perhaps, the movies are not bluffing when laws often hinder the goals the protagonists have set up? Will it also be like the movies that the one falsely accused is acknowledged in the end or will it be that the impression is never regained?

Being an NGO, volunteering on a plight in the risk of lives and assisting the authorities are a little dangerous but it can be rewarding. These sentiments are never heard from any member of the organization since they have signed up knowing the consequences the task would be bringing.

We believe NGOs are no more immune to corruption than companies in other sectors but for development organizations like The Peterson Group, it can be especially harmful and have knock-off effect on reputation. It is much worse if the issue is significant and involves a lot of people.

The organization is currently serving a 1-month suspension for providing wrong information on an ambush operation held in Menteng, Jakarta, Indonesia last September where the TPG has been assisting the local police to pin down the mafia operating in the area. The organization has since released their public apology and is now concentrating their activities in other countries but it does not mean the challenge has been surpassed. A few members have also left the organization in fear of being involved in a dirty political practice. Added to this, TPG also has to endure allegations of being a fraud, scam and deceptive.

However, Terra Sentern, TPG spokesperson assures us that they will continue their endeavor saying, "this is just a block on the road we are trading. We should just surpass it and we shall make it."

Status of counterfeiting Medicines in Developed Nations

When talking about drug counterfeiting, developing and less developed countries are the first in line to being victimized. Third world countries are targeted since they mostly lack awareness, have unstable regulations and policies and are led by corrupt officials. Even those cities known for strict implementation of rules such as Jakarta, Indonesia and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia which impose immediate execution for illegal drug smugglers have a high number of rampant black markets across their streets under the pretense of being a part of the legitimate businesses.

But just as what The Peterson Group, one of the leading sources of information regarding counterfeit medicines reiterates, developed countries are not exempted from this critical phenomenon. Certainly, meticulously established guidelines regulating the production and distribution of pharmaceuticals, rigorous border controls, organized and coordinated consumers organizations and empowered national and private surveillance services are deterring factor for counterfeiters. Fraudsters who are planning to expand their illegal practice in these countries are sure to face severe regulatory boards and tantamount of impeding complaints and cases headed by trained and expert professionals. Pharmacies are also well-trained with high quality standards and preemptive measures against countW60LWhqE!erfeit medicines. Japan, the United States, Singapore, and United Kingdom are some of the leading countries which counterfeiters are reluctant to penetrate.

According to the current statistics, though, the problem of counterfeit medicines still remains an underreported issue when compared to the real magnitude of the problem, hence, there is a great possibility that the safety citizens living in developed nations are currently feeling may not have a strong footing. Most of the countries will only divulge information at national or regional level and according to the WHO, only 5 per cent of its members regularly communicate such information to the Organization to prevent stain from appearing in their record.

Moreover, IMPACT, an NGO campaigning against proliferation of counterfeit meds, also emphasize that the lack of transparency between the government and the leading pharmaceutical companies also contribute to miscommunication and lack of determining information. The only statistics and data on the issue stem from seizures made at the borders or within national territories. To a lesser extent they are also based on cases of deaths or serious damages which had a proven link with the use of counterfeit pharmaceuticals. Example of this is the case of Canadian online drug which have been operating for 14 years before it was forcefully closed down.